Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which group my son/daughter should be swimming in?

Once a swimmer enters the Lane Leader system a record is kept of their progress and which group, they swim in as well as their movement along the developmental pathway. A short description of the minimum abilities is always added to the group enrollment information but if parents are unsure of where their children fit in a short screening can be arranged using the enrollment link.

How do I receive communication from Lane Leader?

Once you have enrolled, a confirmation e-mail is sent to your mail address. This confirmation e-mail contains the invite link to that specific group WhatsApp group. If you are unable to join via the link you can also send a WhatsApp to +27 71 662 9592 requesting the link. We try to only communicate the most important, urgent and group specific information via WhattsApp. For general information we encourage our swimmers and parents to follow Lane Leader on Instagram @laneleader_stb

What swimming equipment will be required?

All Lane Leader members should have their own training fins and kickboards. Senior and Youth squad members should also have their own pullbouy swim snorkel, as well as finger and big paddles. If you are in the junior squad fins, kickboards and pullbouys are the required equipment. All swimmers to bring drink bottle to all trainings.

What does age on "start of the gala mean"?

Most galas are run for swimmers of different age groups such as Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Open. If a gala is an ‘age on start of gala’ it is asking for the age of the swimmer on the first day of the start of the competition.

How do I go about becoming an Official?

Without officials there would be no competitions. Each level of technical official requires a training course after which there is a short test. Many of the courses can be done online. Each swimmer in the Lane Leader club must have at least one registered official. Without a registered official a swimmer will not be able to swim in a competition.

Are there other squads for swimmers who are not competitive in pool racing?

The Junior squad is where swimmers start being exposed to competition but some swimmers stay in the non-competitive side of this squad until they can move on to Multi-squad or Moms and Dads squad which cater for a myriad of needs in swimming which are not necessarily linked to swimming competition.

Is there a Team Uniform?

As with all teams, the Lane Leader Team has a uniform that all swimmers wear at competitions. The White or Navy club shirt and navy hoodies, should be worn to meets to identify members of the Club. For medal ceremonies the team must wear the Lane Leader Tracksuit with closed shoes. Warm soft shell jackets for swimmers are also available. When racing, swimmers who wear caps race in a Lane Leader cap.

How do I enter swimming meets?

To enter competitions, you need to complete the google link through the Swim Consult website which will be posted on the whatsapp group specific to each swimmer. It is each swimmer’s responsibility to check the psych sheets on the relevant web site prior to the meet to ensure you have been entered.

How do I enrol my son or daughter and for how long does the enrollment last?

Once a determination has been made as to what group a swimmers is best suited to an enrollment link is sent to the parent via e-mail or WhatsApp. Enrollment for younger swimmers in the following groups is on a term basis. Those swimmers who enroll more often will of course progress faster than those who only enroll for certain terms of the year. The programs below are repeated until all the necessary skills are acquired to move to the next phase:
LTS _ Learn to Stroke
INT_ Intermediate – Learn the 4 strokes
SI_ Super Intermediate – Learn to train
The training squads run on a year round basis and practice is in line with the time of year
Junior Squad
Youth Squad
Senior Squad

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